Why PreCussion For Kids?


Here at PreCussion For Kids, we believe that all children should be able to explore the arts — especially young kids.

Research agrees that music education has a profoundly positive impact on new learners. This unique music program allows your child to learn the art of music while still in the primary grades. No more waiting to join the school band! Kids as young as kindergarten can begin reading music and discovering the world of percussion today.





Since our beginning in 2012, we have taught eager young students to play percussion.

Percussion is the oldest family of instruments and encompasses any instrument that is struck, beaten, or tapped to make a sound. PreCussion students are thrilled to learn the drum set on any of our variety of kits for students of all sizes. Students will also learn rudimental snare drum, keyboard percussion including the xylophone and marimba, hand percussion, and percussion instruments from cultures around the world like Latin America and Africa.

PreCussion For Kids offers the ultimate well-rounded percussion experience.




Our weekly semi-private class setting provides a fun and low-pressure environment for learning. Students enjoy positive group interaction and build confidence as they develop their skills. All students are encouraged to perform onstage in our regularly-scheduled recitals, held right here in our performance center. Recitals are a beloved highlight of our program for students and their families and offer a perfect opportunity for students to become familiar with the art of performing before a real audience.

From learning to performing, PreCussion For Kids offers a foundational music education experience that can’t be matched. Contact us today to get your child started on the path to a lifetime of musicianship.



percussion (n):


Any instrument that is played by striking with a stick, mallet, hand, or other object

PreCussion for Kids (n):


The place for young musicians to get early instruction in the exciting world of percussion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Drum set is a fun and popular part of the percussion family. However, drum set represents just a part of what we do here at PreCussion for Kids. Your child will also be exposed to rudimental snare drumming, mallet percussion, rhythm activities, and more. All students will study elementary music theory and learn to read music too.

At PreCussion for Kids, our goal is to prepare young musicians to be “total percussionists.”

It is not necessary for new students to purchase large instruments for home practice. Students will need a few inexpensive items to get started. You’ll receive more information about this during the registration process.

As your student’s studies progress, you may choose to invest in instruments for home practice, such as a drum set. When the time is right, our studio staff is happy to assist you in choosing instruments that are right for your child.

A typical class setting consists of two to five students. Class sizes are determined based on age, ability level, and the learning needs of each individual student.
Yes. Private classes are offered as a supplement to the semi-private class program. Contact us for details.
Practice is an integral part of any musician’s learning experience. Practice expectations vary depending on the child’s age and class placement. Students should practice several times a week for five to fifteen minutes. Specific practice goals for your child will be provided in class.
Yes! We have an on-site recital hall equipped with a full stage, professional theatrical lighting, and enough seating for your whole family. Our regular recitals are an opportunity for students to showcase their hard work and musical accomplishments. Recitals are free to participate, free to attend, and a highlight on our studio’s calendar.

Check out the Upcoming Events tab for information on our performances!

What Parents Are Saying

“We are so happy we found PreCussion for Kids. Coming to class is the highlight of our son’s week. You won’t find a program like this anywhere else.”
Alex in Plainfield
“I love that my son is learning percussion and not just the drum set. He can read music now and can play a wide variety of instruments. He is becoming a very versatile young musician. I was really surprised by how quickly he could learn so many instruments at once.”
Stephanie in Aurora
“I had no idea my daughter could learn to read music in second grade. We thought she’d need to wait until fifth grade for school band. I’m really glad we didn’t have to wait. PreCussion for Kids has her enjoying music right now!”
Gina in Yorkville
“The teachers and staff at the studio are great. They helped us choose a drum set for our son, which really made the process much less daunting! When the kit arrived, they set it up for us and tuned it correctly too. They really go above and beyond to help students succeed.”
Dan in Oswego